Al-Qaeda and Other Terrorist Patsies: America Biting Off More Than She Can Chew

By Jaclyn Ryan
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012

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The old cliche rings truer than ever. Under the false pretenses of “democracy,” “humanitarianism,” and “peacekeeping,” the oath-breakers of the United States government nibble at geopolitically significant regions like grinding erodes the enamel of a tooth. 

Pretty soon, the root is exposed and you have two choices: Kill the root or crown the tooth.

It’s time for the American people to wake up to the cold reality of present-day United States. The tip of our iceberg has passed, and last week's raiding of the US Consulate in Benghazi—which left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others dead—is the new “shot heard around the world.”

Do people really believe that an obscure, amateurish movie called “Innocence of Muslims” -- which was shelved for months and all of a sudden reappeared -- is the reason for this attack? Take a good, yet discerning look around, my fellow Americans. Think hard about history and strategically about motive. You no longer govern your republic; it has been hijacked by the global banking cartels, corporatocracies, and elitists. To sustain their business interests, they create policies and stage scenarios that permit the conquering and exploitation of energy-rich geopolitical regions under the false pretense of freedom, humanitarian aid, and peacekeeping. What started in Afghanistan has extended throughout the Balkans, Africa, and now Syria. Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban, as well as various terrorists groups such as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) are a way to justify their means of securing energy and geopolitical control.

The US account of what happened in Benghazi does not coincide with the accounts of Libyan officials and private citizens who have come forward on the condition of anonymity. Their accounts indicate that a carefully executed twin operation took place. Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf told NBC’s Nightly News that foreigners were involved in the planning and execution of the attacks. While the US still scrambles to get the story straight, personnel involved in the attack stated that not only plain-clothed men were present, but the safehouse location was known by the attackers. All accounts point to spy infiltration. Strategic analysis of the short list of suspects who benefit from such an event include Saudi Arabia, the Israeli Mossad, or political campaigners. 

Attentive Americans have had enough. Whether the act was a means of punishing America for not supporting a strike against Iran, or the cartel and elitist tyrants’ master plan to turn the US into George Orwell’s 1984, doesn’t matter. The pattern is consistent: use all means available to distract the American people from the real motives of power, money, and energy dominance. Create the problem while simultaneously offering the solution. It’s the greatest dupe of all time.

Islamic terrorists groups do exist, and there is no doubt that their duty (according to the Koran) is to convert infidels or bring the entire world under Islamic dominance. However, the banking cartels and corporate-controlled United States government exacerbate the threat in order to promote their interests—all under the nose of naïve, unquestioning Americans. Since 9/11 our Constitution and the Bill of Rights has been shredded under the guise of “protecting the American people.” Gestapo-like pat-downs at airports; surveillance without warrants; continued attempts to confiscate our guns; the gradual militarizing of local and state police; and Executive Orders that detain Americans without charge. All under the premise of “the war on terror,” which is not even called by that name any longer. Americans that question such motives are called “conspiracy theorists” or the now perfectly acceptable label of “domestic terrorists.” Americans who are loyal to America rather than party, have reached DEFCON 1 and are ready to take back their republic.

Many forget how al-Qaeda was born and bred, and once the puzzle is assembled, the map of dominance becomes quite clear. To oppose a Soviet invasion and entrap Kremlin leadership into a Vietnam redux, our beloved Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) financed, recruited, and trained mujahidin fighters with Osama bin Laden as their leader. Thus, not forget that Bin Laden was hand selected by Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal. All funding for the operation was transferred through Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). This was 1979. Some years later, Bin Laden created al-Qaeda. In order to repel the growing threat of communism and nationalism, US and British intelligence agencies helped expand quasi-independent Islamic terrorist groups across 26 countries.

The common question among Americans should be, “Why would the United States deliberately support Islamic dominance and snuff out Christianity in the process?” Because it isn’t about religion to the puppetmasters; rather, it is easier to use Islam to incite Muslim violence against infidels, as well as Sunni against Shiite—a great cover to strategic energy dominance.  Graham E. Fuller—former Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council—wrote in his book:


“The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against [the Russians]. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.” 


If the threat of Islam was a true concern of the United States government, then would it not make strategic sense for the US to align with Russia—the only major power willing to safe-keep Christianity? Instead of embracing an alliance, the US capitalizes upon every opportunity to undermine Russia by peddling Cold War undertones. Taking a stroll through history proves that leveraging Islamic terror is no longer about the containment of communism; rather, it is a race for global energy dominance—a mechanism of power that fills a bucket with gold for the benefit and control of banking cartels and corporatocracies.

It is important to remember that the United States supported the Taliban in the early 90s. Even though the Taliban was al-Qaeda backed, the US was comfortable with the strategy because successive administrations thought the Taliban would bring a sense of “stability” to Afghanistan resulting in regional influence and support of an oil company consortium that would run pipelines from Central Asia all the way through Afghanistan and Pakistan. During testimony provided during the 2000 Congressional hearings, Dana Rohrabacher—the former White House Special Assistant to President Reagan—confirmed the plan. The corporatocracies involved in this plan were UNOCAL and ENRON.

Unforeseen by the masterminds, the plan reached a snag. When the Taliban gained ground and refused to federalize the pipeline plan by partnering with their enemies, the US threatened military action with a specific timeline of October 2001. It is also important to note that the Clinton and Bush Administrations were seeking to invade Afghanistan well before 9/11, but the plan accelerated after the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Hence, following 9/11, the US invaded Afghanistan not only to capture Bin Laden, but with the intention of ousting the Taliban. After the Afghan invasion, Forbes Magazine reported, “the project has been revived” because it “would allow Western markets to receive energy from Central Asia without relying on Russian routes.” Ann Jacobsen—the former US Ambassador to Turkmenistan—stated “[we] are seriously looking at the project, and it is quite possible that American companies will join it.” Corporatocracy at its finest.

As the US worked on snuffing out the remaining Taliban-controlled areas, strategic pipeline eyes turned to another prize: the Balkans. The brainchild of George H. W. Bush (#41), a sham Azerbaijan-based company called MEGA Oil was born in 1991 courtesy of three former CIA coverts—Richard Secord, Heinie Aderholt, and Ed Dearborn. The three stooges systematically recruited, flew in, armed, and trained 2,000 al-Qaeda mujahidin at a regional jihadi base in Baku. In a coup d’état, Azerbaijan president Abulfaz Elchibey was ousted and replaced by US-stooge Illham Heidar Aliyev, which led to the birth of the Azerbaijan International Oil Consortium (AIOC). According to a Turkish intelligence report, the corporatocracies behind the coup and AIOC were “two petrol giants, BP and Amoco …”

The US master plan ran into a small, yet challenging glitch: the patriotic, sovereignty-loving Serbs. Despite the Serbs’ loyal support of our military in World War II—including the life-risking rescue and return of more than 500 of our airmen shot down behind enemy lines—the cartel-corporate-controlled US had no problem selling them out. In the early 1990s, the Pentagon aligned and deployed thousands of US Special Forces and al-Qaeda members to support the Bosnian Muslims’ fight against the Serbs. As the battle grew into Kosovo, ethnic and religious conflict ensued between the Muslim Albanians and Christian Serbs. The Muslim Albanian insurgent organization called the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)—now the National Liberation Army (NLA) in Macedonia—was not only led and supported by Bin Laden, but by our CIA. During the fighting, KLA forces were in direct contact with US-controlled NATO leaders who aided the Muslim guerrillas in the 1999 bombing campaign. To distract Americans and the rest of the world from the truth, the media justified the bombings under the guise of NATO “peacekeeping” and the prevention of further “ethnic cleansing” supposedly perpetrated by the Serbs. Confused and uninformed Americans bought it hook, line, and sinker. Interestingly enough, the KLA felt a swift public relations move was necessary, and became the National Liberation Army in Macedonia. Why? The Trans-Balkan Pipeline (a.k.a., the Burgas-Alexandroupolis Pipeline Consortium).

With 51% Russian participation and remaining stakeholders equally divided between Bulgaria and Greece, this pipeline passes through Macedonia and Albania. Following the bombing campaign of ‘99, British General Sir Mike Jackson—commander of Kosovo Force (K-FOR, a NATO-led “peacekeeping” force)—stated, “‘We will certainly stay here for a long time in order to guarantee the safety of the energy corridors which cross Macedonia.” After Russian forces entered Kosovo, General Jackson—also an astute disciple of Russia—clashed with American Commander General Wesley Clark when he refused to intercept their forces. Jackson reportedly stated, “I’m not going to start the Third World War for you.”

In November 2011, Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov announced that due to “environmental” and “supply” concerns, Bulgaria would terminate its partnership in the Trans-Balkan Pipeline. Standing alongside US-stooge and Azerbaijani President Illham Aliyev, he confirmed a gas deal between Bulgaria and Azerbaijan (a.k.a. Sofia-Baku Agreement) and boasted that the deal was "to demonstrate to Europe how things can be done.” The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) affirmed that part of the agreement entailed making substantial investments in Bulgarian gas storage facilities and upgrading oil processing stations. Not surprisingly, in September 2012, SOCAR offered 29 percent of its proposed Trans-Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) stake—a gas pipeline that delivers gas to the European Union (EU) border through Turkey—to BP, Statoil, and Total.

Since the Balkan wars of the 1990s, al-Qaeda insurgencies were supported and inflamed by the Corporation of the United States across the Caucasus, including Chechnya, North Ossetia, and the autonomous South Ossetia region of Georgia. Remember the 2008 incident involving South Ossetia and Georgia? The conflict screamed energy control. SOCAR’s subsidiary SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd. supplied Georgia with 20,000 tonnes of oil products a month, 15,000 tonnes of gasoline, and paid 162 million in Georgian Lari taxes during 2009. Logically, sponsorship of Muslim insurgencies throughout the Caucasus inhibits a Russian pipeline.

Terrorism condoning campaigns continue to rise throughout areas where energy resources are in the key interest of the cartel-corporate-controlled United States and Great Britain, as well as their trading partners. Algeria—which has the fifth-largest natural gas reserve in the world—has witnessed the manipulation and rise of terrorist organizations such as the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) (mujahidin veterans) and the al-Qaeda driven Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) organization who is hell bent on overthrowing the Algerian government. True to tyrant form, the cartel-corporate-controlled countries create the problem and offer a convenient solution. With al-Qaeda-inspired insurgencies continuing across energy-rich African countries, the cartel-controlled US established and promoted a Department of Defense (DoD)- backed counter-terrorism program that was initially labeled as the Pan-Sahel Initiative (PSI), but over time, morphed into the Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership (TSCTP) and as of 9/11 is now called the Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Initiative (TSCTI). The intent of such programs was to defeat terrorism by encouraging member countries (e.g., Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Niger, and Chad) to share resources and capabilities. It’s no secret that Lake Chad—very rich in black gold—was the prize among geopolitical cartels. Interestingly, the formation and relabeling of counter-terrorism programs correlated with the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project, which was not only backed by the World Bank, but required more than $3.7B USD.  The pipeline pumps more than 225,000 barrels of petroleum per day. According to a 2007 article in the Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 16 percent of US petrol came from Africa in 2007. The 2015 forecast was well above 25 percent.

The energy and resource campaign continues in full force. We have witnessed the so-called “Arab Spring”—no doubt inspired by cartel covert operatives—where well-knowing government officials and controlled media outlets advocated replacing not-so-hot regimes with brutal terrorist groups under the guise of “democracy.” People across the world—including non-thinking Americans—boasted the greatness of the event. Well, now you are witnessing the repercussions.

It will not stop. The campaign marches into Syria as we speak, and the strategy is nonetheless aimed at ticking off Iran and of course, Russia. The US government is supporting al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels, who now are burning the American flag. Like Egypt, we will see the power handed to Islamic fundamentalists who will persecute the Christians at all costs. So much for democracy.

In the meantime, most Americans continue to watch or listen to news reports with foggy ears and eyes—unwilling to look at our hijacked government and question the motives at work. As long as they have their daily Starbucks coffee, American Idol fixes, and money continues to spit from an ATM, they will move like zombies through their everyday routine. To distract us more, we will see staged bomb threats; shootings; unwarranted surveillance; and legislative efforts (domestic and through US-Controlled NATO) aimed at taking away our guns. The private cartel called the Federal Reserve will continue to print virtual money and devalue the dollar with an ultimate collapse on the horizon. Oathbreakers of our Wizard of Oz government who’ve been bought out by the cartels and corporatocracies will entertain you with campaign drama; fabricated debates; and fundraisers sponsored by oath-breaking celebrities who are nothing but money pawns. To circumvent independent thinking, Americans will continue to be conditioned into thinking that anyone who questions these actions are considered “domestic terrorists” under the unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—all mirrors of Nazi Germany. Since judges are easily bullied into upholding unconstitutional decisions and critical thinking research and journalism is now defunct in this country, the militarization of our local police by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as enabled and/or brilliantly staged threats and attacks will lengthen the on-going docket that includes (but is not limited to):

1.)  Army Field Manual No. 31-20-3 (September 1994).Teaches the military how to stage terror attacks.

2.) Oklahoma City Bombing (1995). Documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995, and a book called The Third Terrorist by investigative journalist Jayna Davis provide hard-core proof of stages and cover-ups. Author Jayna Davis’ information and witnesses were shunned in court.

3.) 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. Recorded conversations between informant Emad Salem and the FBI prove that that FBI enabled the bombing to go forward.

4.) 9/11 World Trade Center Attack. Hijackers were trained at US bases, lived with FBI informants, supplied with visas, and permitted inside our border even though they were on watchlists. Members of the Bin Laden family who were in the US during the attacks were secretly flown out of the US even though flights were grounded. Al-Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awalaki had dinner with Pentagon officials months after 9/11. Within 45 days and without scrutiny, Congress passed the Patriot Act, which annihilated civil liberties in the name of terror—no different than Germany suspending the Weimar Constitution after the intentionally-set Reichstag fire.

5.) Christmas Tree Bomber (Portland, OR 2005). Mohamed Osman Mohamud was approached and assisted by the FBI (essentially entrapment) in building two bombs, but our wonderful FBI stopped the circus before detonation. The incident occurred right after Portland became the first city to withdraw from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) due to civil liberties violations.

6.) Underwear Bomber (Christmas 2009). Nigerian al-Qaeda Islamist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, an agent with Saudi Intelligence and cooperative with our beloved CIA. Despite being on the watchlist, he was given visa clearance by the Department of the State. More than likely a propaganda stunt to expand use of cancer-causing body scanners on behalf of the Chertoff Group.

7.)  US Army manual called “Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) for Police Intelligence Operations (PIO) March 4, 2009.  It circumvents laws prohibiting the surveillance of anti-war protesters. Well covered on the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) website.

Mark my words, the list will continue with brainwashed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) bullies performing Gestapo-like pat-downs in movie theaters and malls, while expanding “security checkpoints” on highways, train, and bus stations which are already happening via the DHS’ “Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response” operation. Unless Americans are able to discern between credible terrorist attacks (which do exist) and the contrived incidents aimed at pushing anti-terror, anti-Constitutional, and anti-Bill of Rights policies, we will become an Orwellian-state. World War II vets must be screaming from the grave.

Every American official and enlistee swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This includes recognizing the devil in sheep’s clothing. Until Americans begin recognizing and boycotting the cartels and corporatocracies, and questioning our President, Congress, and officials on important matters that impact our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they will awake to no rights. Other ways to combat the corporatocracies and cartels include:

1.) Federal Reserve. A private organization accountable to their stockholders whom they still refuse to fully disclose. In reading about the formation of the Federal Reserve, you will soon realize it was cleverly formed by the banking cartels.  They are not a government entity, yet control our financial well-being.  Start pressuring your Congressional representatives and the President for audits and full disclosure. Moreover, the Federal Reserve needs to be eliminated, and the US must return to the Gold standard.

2.) Purchases. Money is power. Cash is best. If Americans were more judicious in how they spend their money, things could change. Stop buying products and supporting entities that manufacture or import the majority of their goods from our enemies. Also, avoid supporting manufacturers that do business with rogue nations or those who promote stronger government infiltration into your private homes and everyday lives.

3.) Banking. Open accounts and refinance loans with local, home-grown banks and credit unions. Boycott the big banking cartels at all costs.

4.) Gasoline. Although inevitable, be cautious as to how much you fill up at the gas station. Support alternative fuel initiatives or drilling at home. Support the investigation and take away control from the home-grown terrorists called the EPA. Moreover, relentlessly hound elected officials regarding the high fuel costs and hold them to the fire. Support your local/state gas cooperatives whenever possible.

5.) Technology boycott. Pay attention to technology manufacturers, providers, software programs, and various platforms, as well as the entities they support. Boycott any who exploit your privacy or collaborate in surveillance initiatives (e.g., NSA with Google). Boycott Wal-Mart who not only totes DHS propaganda, but will now use radio tags and RFID chips in their products to track your buying habits. Support privacy-advocating platforms such as internet search engine “startpage,” who will also launch an email service in the next year.

6.) Food and gardening products. Stop buying Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food and gardening products which are being promoted throughout the world by Monsanto and ignored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

7.) Question. Question the media, elected officials, and militarized TSA, military, and police regarding any outward support for oath-breaking legislation. Call them on the carpet in public. An educated military and police department is the backbone to reclaiming the republic. Most are good Americans, but are oblivious to being used. When it comes to elected officials, follow the money trail at all costs.

8.) Alternative News. Stop listening to corporate-controlled and sham mainstream news. Conduct your own research and listen to alternative media sources who support America—not a party.

9.) Local and State Elections. Perhaps the most important, yet ignored or undervalued by most, your local and state elections are imperative. Be judicious as to whom you elect locally. Ensure they uphold the Constitution at all cost and give them the boot if they don’t. The grooming of local officials results in a climb to state and federal representation.

As our Founding Fathers demonstrated, start small and local; place American patriots in office who are incorruptible. Educate yourselves and your kids on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—it is your best defense in questioning and ousting Constitutional oath-breakers. 

There are good people in our government who know the score and are doing their best to change course. Unfortunately, they are in the minority, and many have risked their lives to filter information to sources that will notify the American people of the real deal. However, due to cartel-corporate-controlled media outlets, they are fighting a battle of inequity. The greatest threat to power is the awakening of the everyday American, whom they know will rise up and take back control. Hence, it is even more important to remain apprised of your diminishing rights.

The impostors who have hijacked our republic are dancing with the devil, and it will backfire once the militants of the usable countries realize not only have they been used and abused for a higher agenda, but that their own countries have been seized or depleted of every natural resource. Once this happens, the true wrath of terror will be unveiled.

In the meantime, the cartels, corporatocracies, and oath-breaking officials will do as they please by wrapping themselves in the American flag and invading countries under the premise of democracy, freedom, and peace. Our Founding Fathers warned us of such corruption, but are we listening? Corruption is never outdated—only the means to get there change. Until Americans take back their republic, The Wizard of Oz hijackers will use whatever means possible to ensure that Americans “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

Jaclyn Ryan is the nom de plume of a small business owner in Cleveland and Charlotte. She holds a B.A. in History and master's coursework in strategic intelligence analysis.