Statement by the Chairman of The Lord Byron Foundation

By Ambassador James Bissett
Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012

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In a letter to the editor of Politika, Ambassador Bissett says: "I was shocked to hear that Politika had thoughtlessly published the slanderous and damaging article by Dimitrije Vojnov accusing Srdja Trifkovic of being in the pay of certain shadowy forces indoctrinating students at US military schools.

"Had this article not contained other outrageous and fantastic accusations it would have been almost laughable to anyone who was familiar with Dr. Trikovic and his writings.

"As the Chairman of the Lord Byron Foundation and a close friend and colleague of Dr. Trifkovic I can honestly say I know of few writers or foreign policy analysts who have been as critical of  US military interventions as has Dr. Trifkovic. The record speaks for itself and would have been readily and easily available to anyone with the slightest interest in the truth.

"It seems obvious that Mr. Vojnov's article was written with malicious intention to debase the reputation of Dr. Trifkovic and do damage to his career. I have no idea what his motives might have been but what is even more reprehensible is that a major Serbian newspaper would have been so irresponsible as to have acted as an accomplice in this cowardly act. An apology is in order."

Mr.Bissett is former Canadian Ambassador in Yugoslavia (1990-1992).