Elie Wiesel resigns from the "Genocide Institute Canada," dissociates himself from Emir Ramic

By The Lord Byron Foundation
Friday, 15 Apr 2011

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“Elie Wiesel cannot sit together with Emir Ramic in the same organization. He does hereby resign from the ‘International Team of Experts’ of the Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada. Thank you, and please do confirm receipt of this message.” This terse note, sent by the Elie Wiesel Foundation to the Bosnian-Muslim “Institute” on April 14, is a welcome, long overdue development. Wiesel is to be commended for dissociating himself from Ramic and all that he and his Jihadist cohorts stand for. Their fraudulent disinformation outfit now stands unmasked for what it is.

JULIA GORIN WRITES: Professor Wiesel and his foundation are to be commended for the integrity and courage they have demonstrated by this act. All the more since the political fallout and pressure against him now — including, potentially, by senior government officials and other prominent types around the world — may be immense. For background on the ghastly Emir Ramic and his Bosnian-Canadian “genocide institute,” please see the summary by Srdja Trifkovic, whose persecution and expulsion from Canada at the behest of Ramic’s institute prompted the latter’s own exposure by me and others.whether it was my Feb. 28th letter to the Wiesel Foundation’s director Daniel Schwartz that called their attention to what was going on and what the Institute was at its core, or whether Professor Wiesel and his staff found out about it from the above-linked articles. But I will reproduce for readers the letter as I’d sent it:

Dear Mr. Schwartz: I’m a Jewish columnist who recently stumbled onto the fact that Mr. Elie Wiesel is indicated as an expert adviser on the website for the Institute for Research on Genocide in Canada (IRGC).Last Thursday, the IRGC accused the scholar and author Dr. Srdja Trifkovic of “genocide denial” and influenced the Canadian authorities to ban him from entering the country. In contrast to Dr. Trifkovic, who has been a keynote speaker at Yad Vashem, the director of IRGC — Emir Ramic, who wrote a protest letter to the Canadian university where Trifkovic was to speak and got the wheels in motion for his removal from Canada — is on the editorial board of an Islamist magazine in Sarajevo called Korak (Step), published in Sarajevo. This magazine’s issue No. 13 has an interesting article: “Basic Principles of the Law of War in Islam” (pp. 13-17). The article asserts, among other things, that “Jihad is a just and legitimate fight against aggression and a struggle in protection of human rights and freedoms.” (p. 15) On p. 93 appears the following headline: IZRAELSKI REZIM JE TERORISTICKI, by Fikret Muslimovic. (“Israeli Regime is Terrorist”).

Mr. Schwartz, this is the real face of the so-called “Institute.” In addition to the “Institute’s” director, Mr. Wiesel’s fellow board member Asaf Dzanic is the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Mr. Wiesel is in some interesting company indeed.

In his recent article Canadian former ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania and Yugoslavia, James Bissett pointed out some other problems with the organization — including a rather ironic one, given that the group engages in Holocaust minimization on the subject of the Jasenovac camp (“Auschwitz of the Balkans”), an already minimized and suppressed story.

One trusts that Elie Wiesel Foundation knows some history of the Balkans region, and that the horrific happenings of the 1990s were a direct pick-up of the 1940s — with all the same players on the same sides. In Croatia, President Franjo Tudjman, a Holocaust minimizer, was swiftly establishing a widely noted carbon copy of WWII’s Hitler-aligned Ustasha regime. And Bosnian-Muslim president Alija Izetbegovic, while packaged as a “multicultural democrat” by a credulous West, was revered in the Muslim world as an ideologue of jihad and Islamic revolution, as his own book “Islamic Declaration” openly demonstrates; he was fighting to establish an Islamic regime in Europe (while calling it something else, of course).

Naturally, the Serbs — avidly slaughtered by both of these players in the previous war, in which Serbs died with Jews and Roma at Croatia’s Jasenovac (staffed by Croatian and Bosnian guards and executioners) — weren’t about to consign themselves to the same potential fate when they suddenly found themselves no longer citizens of Yugoslavia, but second-class citizens of a unilaterally declared independent Croatia and a unilaterally declared independent Bosnia. And so there was war. It was not the black-and-white affair that has been presented for Western consumption.

I do not ask that Mr. Wiesel take any new positions or actively start to oppose the Bosnian-Muslim side. I ask only that those who do not know all the facts of the Balkan civil wars — take no sides at all. Especially if they have a name that carries as much weight and legitimizing power as Wiesel. But if Mr. Wiesel chooses to still endorse the Muslim side — as is his prerogative — then at least for decency’s, liberty’s, and history’s sakes, it should not be a difficult decision for him to just disengage himself from IRGC. Yes, he will face some political pressure to reverse that decision, but I am confident that a man like Elie Wiesel still knows how to take a stand.

In the meantime, Efraim Zuroff, Jerusalem director of Simon Wiesenthal Center, has been apprised of the situation and is determining a course of action. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Julia Gorin

Elie Wiesel has shown character and taken a stand. As Stefan Karganovic, of the Srebrenica Historical Project wrote me upon hearing the news: “It was clear to me from the start that he was bamboozled by Bosnian Moslems and had no idea what they were doing and advocating over his name.”

I am going to close with an update on some things about Emir Ramic which I found out only after writing my previous article mentioning him and his activities.

Jihad ties emerge on Canada’s Bosnian Muslim group (Feb. 28)

[The] Bosnian Muslim group “Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada” has hailed Canada’s decision to bar Dr Srdja Trifkovic from holding a lecture there, however, more evidence is emerging that this Bosnian Muslim group has ties with violent Jihad.

Some of the authors and “analysts” in [Korak] are former Bosnian Muslim officials thatwereinstrumental in issuingcitizenshiptoforeign-bornal-Qaedaand in weapons smuggling from Iran intoBosnia which opened doors to infiltration of Iranian agents in the region.

A notable figure in Ramic’s magazine is Enes Ljevakovic, whose brother Irfan Ljevakovic is on the supervisory board of the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA) that has been mentioned by the CIA Report on NGOs With Terror Links.

Irfan Ljevakovic is wanted for questioning by the Austrian government for recruiting Jihadists in Austria to go fight in Bosnia. According to a Washington Post report “Bosnian sources said [Irfan] Ljevakovic is one of several influential officials protecting the Islamic fighters who remain in Bosnia in violation of the Dayton peace accord”.

Now, Irfan Ljevakovic is the youngest among 5 Ljevakovic’s – oldest Zijad, then Ekrem, Advan, Enes and Irfan – and all of them have been instrumental in the formation of the Izetbegovic extremist government in some form or fashion. Politically managed by Zijad, Enes’s role in Jihad has been to provide intellectual foundation for worldwide “stealth” Jihad.

Ramic, who is on the editorial board of Korak, had to have approved Enes’ declaration that “Jihad is a just and legitimate fight against aggression and a struggle in protection of human rights and freedoms”. (Džihad je ravedna i legitimna borba protiv agresije i ulaganje napora u zaštitii odbrani ljudskih prava i sloboda)

Ramic also had to have approved a text posted on the “Institute” web site in which Ramic’s intellectual mate, Dr. Josip Pecaric, claims that the WWII genocide of Serbs, Jews and Roma in Croatia’s Jasenovac death camp is “Serbian propaganda“. Some of the Nazi guards were Bosnian Muslims at Jasenovac. […]

The following comes from an item posted by Ruth S. King of Americans for a Safe Israel, under her cross-post of the Trifkovic article on Ramic:

…Emir Ramic supports Ilija Jurisic, a Bosnian war criminal who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attacking a Yugoslav Army column in Tuzla killing at least 51 people and wounding 50. Ramic also strongly supported Rasim Delic, a Bosnian Muslim general, in charge of the Mujahedeen division of “El Mujahid” during the Bosnian war, who was found guilty by the Hague Tribunal on the charge for failure to prevent or punish the cruel treatment of twelve captured Serb soldiers in the village of Livade and in the Kamenica camp…On Facebook, Ramic is also a member of a group called “Thank Allah I’m not Serbian” which has a burning Serbian and Israeli flag as a group picture.

The facebook group is no longer accessible and I was unable to find a cached version, but Trifkovic had confirmed its previous existence before mentioning it in his article. Indeed, a massive “clean-up” is underway at the Institute, which has also removed its libelous Muslim-rape testimonials about the respected Canadian former UN general LewisMacKenzie.

Finally, let this incident serve as an embarrassment to the simplistic let’s-just-get-along Serbian “intellectuals” such as Alberta University adjunct professor Srdja Pavlovic and Edmonton’s “writer in exile” Goran Simic, who in wanting to stay palatable, popular, and employed, chose to make a comfortable bed with the likes of the “Genocide Institute” and what it was doing to Trifkovic. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy, they didn’t trouble themselves to look into the activities of the Institute that was going after Trifkovic, lest they dare deduce why it was doing so. Much less did they trouble themselves to follow any of the proceedings at the Hague tribunal — where their fellow Serbs have gotten the book thrown at them before the crimes they’re convicted of are even shown to have happened. It’s much easier for Pavlovic and Simic to tout their Serbness in demonstrating the “virtue” of admitting to what Serbs are accused of. Nor does their lack of knowledge on the subject deter them from spouting off about it. All they know is that wartime “mass graves” have been found — which surely can mean only a) civilians, and b) executions. Forensics be damned.

Traitors are always exposed in the end, and in the end they are no safer and no more well-liked than the reviled nation they’ve betrayed.