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Hashim Thaci, Kosovo's Organ Trafficking Boss

By James George Jatras
Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010


The Council of Europe’s rapporteur Dick Marty has accused Hashim Thaci, Kosovo's self-styled prime minister, of heading a mafia-like operation that included murdering captives, mainly Serbs, to sell their organs on the black market. But will it matter, asks James Jatras.

The Leaks and the U.S. Balkan Policy

By James George Jatras
Saturday, 4 Dec 2010


The revelations show the contempt for reality that characterizes our Balkan policy. Our leaders decided long ago that Bosnia and Kosovo are an example for our “friends” in the rest of the Islamic world. The facts that the Muslim leaders in Sarajevo and Priština are not “moderates” at all simply doesn’t register, because it conflicts with ideological certainties that are not open to reevaluation.

ICJ on Kosovo: Less Than Meets the Eye

By James George Jatras
Saturday, 24 Jul 2010


The ICJ majority opinion combines the best of sophistry with the worst of pettifoggery. Its advisory ruling is a perversion of truth and justice. In other words, just more of the same we have seen in the Balkans since 1991, and even before.