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Serbia Should Shun the European Union

By John Laughland
Friday, 10 Jun 2011


(Keynote address at The Lord Byron Foundation Conference Serbia: Strategy for Survival, held in Belgrade on May 26) It is more than ten years since Serbia allegedly embarked on its path to integration in what Eastern Europeans accurately call “Euro-Atlantic structures”. Serbia has achieved precisely nothing.

The 'Srebrenica Genocide': A Totem for the New World Order

By John Laughland
Sunday, 21 Feb 2010


An Icon meets aTotem: Bill Clinton at the Islamic shrine in Srebrenica

 The events at Srebrenica in July 1995 enjoy a special status in international criminal law. Uniquely among the many clashes which occurred during the violent break-up of Yugoslavia, those events have been formally characterised as genocide by both the ICTY and the ICJ at The Hague.