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Antijihadists vs. Antijihadists

By Julia Gorin
Tuesday, 12 Apr 2011


When the scholar and author Srdja Trifkovic was turned back at the Vancouver airport on February 24, Greater Islam and its useful idiots saw an opportunity, and pounced. The name “Trifkovic” rang a bell in the head of one Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, who quickly recalled that anti-jihadist Robert Spencer had written supportively of him and his work in the past. Hearing that Trifkovic didn’t buy into the Srebrenica Genocide, al-Tamimi saw a path to killing two birds with one stone. And went digging for dirt.

Only in the Balkans: Tudjman's Biographer Tells All

By Julia Gorin
Sunday, 12 Dec 2010


Julia Gorin traces the bizarre and darkly humorous saga of Franjo Tudjman's biography-that-never was. Science fiction writer Joe Tripician, hired by the Zagreb government in 1997 to be the official biographer of the Croatian President, reveals all about the incredible offer he could not refuse.

Being Friendless in the Balkans...

By Julia Gorin
Monday, 18 Oct 2010


A news item caught our Board Member Julia Gorin's attention recently: "Controversial French General Philippe Morillon was expelled from the Memorial Center in Srebrenica when ... he went to pay his respects to the Bosnian Muslims killed during the civil war that engulfed Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s..." There's more than meets the eye to the story, of course... 

Mass Grave of History

By Julia Gorin
Saturday, 20 Mar 2010



Julia Gorin reminded us in The Jerusalem Post (Feb. 22) of some facts of life, and death, in the Croatian state established and controlled by the creators of Jasenovac. "Thousands" of men, women and children were killed there, indeed, but in mere days and weeks, rather than years...