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Austria-Hungary Was Better...

By LBF Editors
Saturday, 9 Jul 2011

Our attention has been belatedly drawn to a news item over a month old: Valentin Inzko, the International High Representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina, has decreed that it is “deeply deplorable” that the Republika Srpska (RS) – the Serb half of the Balkan non-country – plans to help fund the defense of General Ratko Mladić at The Hague Tribunal.

The EU door is finally shut to the eastern hopefuls

By LBF Editors
Saturday, 10 Jul 2010


Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that the EU's eastern enlargement will be ended after Croatia joins the Union. The decision reflects an informal yet well-known Brussels consensus of long standing.

Lieberman and the Terrorist Hotbed in the Balkans

By LBF Editors
Saturday, 20 Feb 2010



The Balkans region is a major target of global Jihad, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman says. He addressed a subject that is still taboo in Washington: how the U.S. policy helped create a terrorist hotbed in Europe "that now refuses to go away."