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The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies was founded by the late Sir Alfred Sherman in 1994 as a non-partisan research center devoted to studying the Balkan Peninsula in all its aspects.

The Foundation’s research, its newsletter ByronicA (currently in its 15th year), its books and other publications, its special events, conferences and public forums -- more than one hundred of them over the past decade and a half -- are designed to correct the current trend of public commentary, which tends, systematically, not to understand events but to construct a version of Southeast European rivalries that fits daily political requirements.

The Foundation is named after a great Western poet who gave his life in the fight to free Balkan Christians from Islamic rule. This choice reflects its belief in the essential unity of our civilization. The work of The Lord Byron Foundation is based on the acceptance that the cause of tolerance in a perennially troubled region can never be advanced by misrepresentation or by the sentimental lapse of seriousness that often characterizes Western discourse on the region.


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