The Seed of Food Fascism

By Jaclyn Ryan
Wednesday, 24 Oct 2012

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"Serbia’s failure to amend its GMO policy was criticized not only by the EU and World Trade Organization (WTO), but the government of the United States. This means Serbia is doing something right."

In May 2012, the University of Belgrade’s Department of Agriculture hosted the Fifth International Undergraduate Research Symposium (IURS). Undergraduate researchers and their “advisors” from the United States, Philippines, and Serbia (including members from the University of Novi Pazar) spent six days discussing the results of each university’s agricultural research efforts. The guests—two students and an instructor from Ohio’s Wilmington College—received grants on behalf of Monsanto Corporation, which is known for employing Wilmington College alumni. If the old adage is true that guests and fish stink after three days, then a whole week of research sharing explains the vile stench that traveled across the pond.

In 2009, Serbia adopted a law prohibiting the importation, production, and commercial growth of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) crops—or any products containing GMOs. Lawmakers contemplated amending the law in 2010, which would have allowed the import and growth of biotech crops, but only under the strict control of the State. Rebel child Serbia’s insistence on making its own laws does not “harmonize” with European Union (EU) policy. Serbia’s failure to amend its GMO policy was criticized not only by the EU and World Trade Organization (WTO), but the government of the United States. This means Serbia is doing something right.

In a July 2012, the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service produced a “Biotech Annual Report” that said Serbia’s failure to amend its GMO law is “problematic” and represents “one of the many obstacles” to its membership in the WTO. This is nothing but bully propaganda.

The reality show is that in lieu of being “accepted” into the bully’s group, Serbia is rightfully flexing its sovereignty to protect its people, and by doing so, they are ticking off the corporatocracy that has successfully brought US agriculture to its knees: Monsanto.

When given a snapshot of the cast behind the curtains of the WTO and other US agencies, one can clearly see that their carefully crafted excuses for wanting Serbia’s inclusion are nothing but cock and bull. The cohorts include:

a)   The World Trade Organization: The WTO Deputy Director-General is Rufus Yerxa, the former Chief International Counsel for Monsanto Corporation. His prior US Government appointments boast an impressive rap sheet. He played a key role in transforming the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) into present-day WTO. Author F. William Engdahl—who has written extensively on GATT and EU agriculture—summarized it best when he stated that “The WTO today is nothing more than the global policeman for the powerful GMO lobby and the agribusiness firms tied to it.” 

b) The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR): Islam A. Siddiqui—the Chief Agricultural Negotiator—was appointed by President Obama in April. He is an avid supporter of GMOs. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Siddiqui was the V.P. of Science and Regulatory Affairs for biotech consortium CropLife America. His earlier rap sheet includes serving as a registered lobbyist who represented biotech companies that include BASF, Bayer, CropScience, Dow Agro Sciences, DuPont, FMC Corp, Monsanto, Sumitomo, and Syngenta. This proves that Obama’s promise that lobbyists “won’t find a job in my White House” is similar to Van Gogh’s ear for music. For the record, President George W. Bush’s list of biotech appointments makes Obama look like a fanatical organic food activist.

c)     United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): The USDA used to be free of direct influence, but this changed when the Obama regime rose to power and started appointing “czars.” President Obama appointed USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack—the former Governor of Iowa who has established an impressive track record supporting genetically engineered crops and Monsanto initiatives.

The Seedy Purpose and Business Practices -- As mentioned in earlier LBF articles, food is one of the ultimate means of not only money and power, but population control. Serbia may have held the powers that be off for now, but you can bet your sweet bippy that Serbia’s politicians and educational institutions will feel the squeeze until the bully gets its way. Think population control is a conspiracy theory? Consider the following:

Anthony Gucciardi—Co-Founder, Editor, and investigative journalist of—recently wrote an article on the dangers of GMOs. He asserted that GMO scientists who are “manipulating nature and humanity,” “altering our genetic code,” and “threatening future generations” are “traitors to humanity.” Evidently, he perturbed a biotech scientist by the name of “Ed” who felt compelled to respond via email. Apparently, Ed was so infuriated that he forgot to mask his IP address. After further investigation by technical experts, Natural confirmed that the email came from a well-known biotech organization, and they are pending full disclosure of the company following legal counsel. The email read as follows:

I am no traitor against humanity. If this **** causes infertility… Awesome!! The world is over-populated, and people need to stop having children. This is one of earth’s largest problems. If the earth wasn’t overpopulated, things like growth hormones wouldn’t EXIST. The reason they do, is that the earth cannot produce enough food on its own to feed us all. This is why GMO is actually saving the planet. So **** you and your ********. I am doing humanity a ******* FAVOR!!!  Sincerely, A REAL ‘traitor to humanity’ – Ed

Why the stink over GMOs? – Granted, many people may have heard the term GMO, but few could explain what they are and most do not understand their effect on human health. This is no accident. The more confusing the issue becomes, the more people shut down and the stakeholders laugh all the way to the bank. GMO food is a serious issue, and it is important to know what the stink is all about due to its potential impact on present and future generations.

In short, here is how GMOs work: Monsanto and other biotech agricultural firms alter the DNA of seeds (corn, soybeans, cotton, canola) to create “herbicide tolerant” crops that can thrive while using their RoundUp herbicide. The human body does not recognize such foreign substances (nor the RoundUp for that matter) which results in numerous health issues.

During a July 2012 interview, a young man by the name of Kirk Azevedo—a former biochemical researcher and local market manager for Monsanto—blew the whistle when he witnessed an alarming trend. While studying protein diseases, he became aware that Monsanto was adding multiple protein byproducts to cotton crops. He stated:

I saw what was really the fraud associated with genetic engineering: My impression, and I think most people's impression with genetically engineered foods and crops and other things is that it's just like putting one gene in there and that one gene is expressed. If that was the case, well then that's not so bad. But in reality, the process of genetic engineering changes the cell in such a way that it's unknown what the effects are going to be.

If the health issues aren’t enough, it gets worse…

Monsanto prohibits farmers from saving or reusing seeds once the crop is grown, hence the farmer has no choice but to buy new seeds every year. Moreover, if a Monsanto seed accidentally pollinates a non-Monsanto crop (or any plant for that matter), Monsanto claims ownership of those plants and the farmer cannot replant the following year because of a Monsanto patent. Their goal is to own the seed market, and they will beholden every single farmer as the devil’s unwilling assistant if necessary.

Presently, the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on a landmark case involving an Indiana soybean farmer who is sued by Monsanto for creating so-called “second generation” seeds. To no surprise, the Obama Administration urged the Supreme Court not to hear the case because they said it could affect patents involving DNA molecules, nanotechnologies, and self-replicating technologies. Clearly, the administration is all about redistributing the wealth unless the buck stops at Monsanto.

Monsanto’s PR Nightmare & California’s Voting Power -- The thunder was briefly taken out of Monsanto in September 2012 after the results of a two-year French study conducted by the University of Caen demonstrated that GMOs cause tumors, organ damage, and early death in rats. The study led to a European-wide ban on GMO corn. This proved a serious blow to Monsanto, but it was short-lived. On October 5, the European Food Safety Authority “rejected” the French study due to lack of “specific information.” One cannot be surprised with this reverse decision given the fact that in 2007 WikiLeaks cables exposed that US diplomats—who were employed by Monsanto—threatened military-style trade wars with nations opposed to GMOs. The leaks—in addition to the well-produced documentary Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives—clearly demonstrate that America’s remaining hope rests with the legal system’s ability to use a high-quality weed-wacker.

While the EU’s turnaround on the French study has Monsanto salivating over future European growth, the true findings of the study still resonate with knowledgeable people. It is having a major impact on California Proposition 37.

On November 6, Californians will go to the polls to decide whether or not they have a right to know what is in their food. If passed, GMO labeling will become law. The Center for Food Safety states that up to 70 percent of processed foods in US supermarkets are comprised of genetically-engineered ingredients. Everything ranging from cereals, snacks, and dinner helpers to soda, juice, and baby formula—it’s in there! 

In order to combat Proposition 37, Monsanto and DuPont (with major food company support that will blow your mind) have pumped millions into propaganda campaigns aimed at destroying the bill. Whether they realize it or not, Californians have monumental power in their hands. This decision—if passed—will set a precedent for other states considering similar legislation. However, Monsanto will not sit quietly by any means. The State of Vermont’s “Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act” was recently stalled due to Monsanto’s threat of suing the entire state, and when a city council in Hawaii recently defeated a labeling bill, it was later learned that four out of five city council members took Monsanto money. That is how deep their parasite feeds; it is like a science fiction novel.

In 2007, Senator Obama stated that he would support labeling in order to “let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified, because Americans should know what they're buying!” Perhaps self-appointed healthy eating champion and First Lady Michelle Obama should remind the President that such pledges are contradictory to his appointment of Food Safety “Czar” Michael Taylor—a former legal counsel with firm King & Spalding, who not only represented Monsanto, but is the former V.P. for Public Policy at Monsanto Corporation.

It is no secret that the elite do not eat GMOs.

Even GMO researchers and scientists readily admit that neither they nor their family members will consume them. It is no secret that organic ingredients are the core of each menu at the White House, and this policy transcends all administrations. However, they have no qualms when it comes to peddling GMOs to the demographics hit the hardest—the poor and middle class.  

We are in a vicious cycle: Biotech corporatocracies monopolize the market… farmers are regulated to death and cease operations… organic farms decrease and prices skyrocket… GMOs become the only affordable option… government welfare programs only provide GMO-based foods… generation after generation become sick and genetically depleted… and the taxpayer pays for it all via our new national healthcare system. What a racket. 

The Next Chess Move: Be Prepared – Whenever Monsanto plays it low-key, something is brewing behind the curtain. In order to infiltrate Serbia’s rich fields, they are simply waiting for Serbia to fall into the arms of the EU where she will then have little to no say in the matter. The EU’s quick reversal of the French study clearly demonstrates Monsanto’s influence.  

Last year, Serbian Ecological Movement leader Nikola Aleksić was arrested and fined for speaking out on the gradual genocide happening under Serbia’s nose. He challenged former President Boris Tadić to resist selling out to Monsanto. Since then, Monsanto has threatened to remove Aleksić and his family from their flat. They are deemed “collateral.”

In October 2010, Jeremy Scahill wrote an in-depth article that appeared in The Nation that confirmed Monsanto contracts operatives of “Total Intelligence” and the “Terrorism Research Center” (TRC)—whose chairman is Erik Prince (a.k.a., former “Blackwater” now “Xe”)—to infiltrate anti-Monsanto activists. The use of government contractors by US entities is an old, tried-and-true tactic not only because it is brutally powerful, but because it provides Congressional deniability. Serbia needs to understand that this is truly powerful stuff. Aleksić’s only protection can come from a diligent media and private supporters.

The next seed Serbia must watch comes from US agency influence. In order to “optimize their implementation,” the USDA has been “assisting” Serbia in agricultural biotechnology research and regulations through seminars, workshops, and field visits. They are even so kind as to help Serbian biotech experts prepare amendments to the Law on Biotechnology. Serbia’s Foreign Agricultural Service in Belgrade partnered with the US State Department to organize a “Biotech Outreach Strategy” in 2010 and another is being planned this fall to demonstrate the benefits of biotech products and practices. Proceed with extreme caution Serbia, and keep your eye on the “man behind the curtain.”

Solutions for the World’s Lab Rats (a.k.a., “Us”) -- There are several actions the average citizen can take:

a)    Support State GMO Labeling Legislation. Yes, it’s a pain, and nine out of ten people have little or no time, but your well-being—and more importantly, the well-being of your children—is worth 15 minutes of attention. Serbs need to keep their eye on their politicians and follow the money trail. Americans can follow legislation easily at: . Moreover, visit the House of Representatives and US Senate websites to track votes. The dismal June 2012 Senate Roll call on food labeling can be viewed:

b)     Download the App. Yep, there’s an “app” for that! Downloading a GMO app to your smartphone will tell you which foods have GMOs and which ones do not. Check out: ,, or Warning: Once you see the scarce choices, you will become outraged.

c)     Consumer Power. Flex it—don’t be silent. Email or call the major food companies and tell them that you refuse to buy their products. This worked extremely well when consumers refused to buy milk and dairy products that came from cows treated with the artificial hormone rBST (Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin)—courtesy of Monsanto. The hormone posed a serious risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. The FDA’s decision to approve it was overseen by Michael Taylor—former Monsanto executive and our current “Food Safety Czar,” who was the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner of Policy at the time of rBST approval.

d)     Support non-GMO Retailers & Manufacturers. For instance, all Trader Joe’s products are sourced from non-GMO ingredients! Moreover, their employees are educated and the prices are pretty decent. Unfortunately, Whole Foods—supposedly known for their organic products—was first questioned in 2011 for selling out to Monsanto, and after extensive investigation and pressure by secret shoppers, media, and consumers, the claim was confirmed only weeks ago by their CEO.

e)     Worthy News. Good, credible sources are available, but one must look beyond mainstream media sources that are controlled by the corporatocracies and elitists that benefit most. Few mainstreamers report on Monsanto’s dealings—or anything that impacts the American Constitution. A few watchdog sites and good media sources do exist, and they have been tackling health and Constitutional issues for many years. A few highlights of such sites include,,, katherinealbrecht.com, and of course Alex Jones over at These sources report the cold hard facts backed by documented research and sources—not hype. Moreover, they are equal-opportunity criticizers and advocates for liberty and humanity—not a political party.

To state that the consumer and advocacy group fight against Monsanto has been difficult would be an understatement. Serbia and all of Europe must diligently follow the money trail. Monsanto has consumed America—right under our noses—and the battle we fight now is monstrously disproportionate, but awareness is growing thanks to good people willing to sustain the fight.

Like a weed resistant to their own RoundUp, Monsanto infiltrates the political scene, regulatory agencies (especially the FDA), academia, and foreign governments by use of self-interest appointments, selective research studies, multi-billion-dollar partners (Bill Gates Foundation), and downright threats and bullying tactics. Don’t underestimate them. They are a colony of E. coli thriving on room temperature USDA Choice Steak.