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Statement by the Chairman of The Lord Byron Foundation

By Ambassador James Bissett
Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012



In a letter to the editor of Politika, Ambassador Bissett says: "I was shocked to hear that Politika had thoughtlessly published the slanderous and damaging article by Dimitrije Vojnov accusing Srdja Trifkovic of being in the pay of certain shadowy forces indoctrinating students at US military schools.

“The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada”: Genocide Deniers, Hypocrites, and Character Assassins

By Ambassador James Bissett
Friday, 18 Feb 2011



Former Canadian Ambassador in Yugoslavia James Bissett, Chairman of The Lord Byron Foundation, unveils some disturbing facts about a gauche Bosniak outfit that has tried to “ban” Dr. Srdja Trifkovic from speaking at UBC Vancouver next week. It's an eminently postmodern, grimly amusing little story...