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The Seed of Food Fascism

By Jaclyn Ryan
Wednesday, 24 Oct 2012



"Serbia’s failure to amend its GMO policy was criticized not only by the EU and World Trade Organization (WTO), but the government of the United States. This means Serbia is doing something right."

Breaking Serbia

By Jaclyn Ryan
Saturday, 6 Oct 2012



Many Americans, particularly generations X, Y and Z, are obsessed with reality shows. American television has produced mindlessly addictive offerings called Breaking Bonaduce, Breaking Amish, and Breaking Point. With a little self-initiative, the aficionados may find themselves enthralled in a critical reality show unfolding across the pond: Breaking Serbia.

Al-Qaeda and Other Terrorist Patsies: America Biting Off More Than She Can Chew

By Jaclyn Ryan
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012



The old cliche rings truer than ever. Under the false pretenses of “democracy,” “humanitarianism,” and “peacekeeping,” the oath-breakers of the United States government nibble at geopolitically significant regions like grinding erodes the enamel of a tooth. 

Otto von Habsburg: A Controversy at "Chronicles"

By Jaclyn Ryan
Monday, 8 Aug 2011


An engrossing controversy has raged recently over at Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. The saga originated with a July 18 piece by Srdja Trifkovic, Otto von Habsburg’s Ambiguous Legacy (published on this site two days later).