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Trifkovic Slandered by the Leading Serbian Daily "Politika"

By The Lord Byron Foundation
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012




On September 20, 2012, the leading Serbian daily newspaper Politika published a prominently positioned op-ed article in the "Outside Views" section by Dimitrije Vojnov [L.], hitherto known as a minor actor and film critic. The article is criminally slanderous of Srdja Trifkovic.

USTAŠA: Croatian Fascism and European Politics, 1929-1945

By The Lord Byron Foundation
Sunday, 24 Jul 2011


New, revised and expanded second edition of Dr. Srdja Trifkovic's seminal study has just been published. 412 pp, 175 illustrations, 16 maps, with a Foreword by Dr. Thomas Fleming, $29.95 inc. postage. The only comprehensive history of the Ustaša movement in any language. To order go to http://www.balkanstudies.org/books

Elie Wiesel resigns from the "Genocide Institute Canada," dissociates himself from Emir Ramic

By The Lord Byron Foundation
Friday, 15 Apr 2011


“Elie Wiesel cannot sit together with Emir Ramic in the same organization. He does hereby resign from the ‘International Team of Experts’ of the Institute for the Research of Genocide Canada. Thank you, and please do confirm receipt of this message.” This terse note, sent by the Elie Wiesel Foundation to the Bosnian-Muslim “Institute” on April 14, is a welcome, long overdue development. Wiesel is to be commended for dissociating himself from Ramic and all that he and his Jihadist cohorts stand for. Their fraudulent disinformation outfit now stands unmasked for what it is.

Holocaust Revisionism in Canada: The "IRCG" Case

By The Lord Byron Foundation
Monday, 7 Mar 2011

A group of Bosnian-Muslim activists in Canada (the self-styled Institute for the Research of Genocideissued a press release on March 4 which claims thatfacts show that Serbia was the first to use gas vans during the Second World War in Nazi Europe to kill Jewish civilians so that Belgrade and Serbia would be cleared of Jews.” This is the exact factual and moral equivalent of claiming that “facts show that Poland was the first to use gas chambers to kill Jewish civilians so that Warsaw and Poland would be cleared of Jews.” It is curious that such eccentric claims should come from the self-appointed spokesmen for the ethnic group which had provided, proportionate to its numbers, more volunteers for the SS than any other nation in occupied Europe.